Common HTML Tags

Here are a few HTML tags and examples for each.


To make text bold, enter <b>text to be bolded</b>
E.g., <b>this is bolded text!</b>.
Would make:
this is bolded text!


To make text italic, enter <i>text to be italic’s</i>
E.g., <i>this text is in italic!</i>.
Would make:
this text is in italic!


To make underline text, enter <u>text to be underlined</u>
E.g., <u>this is underlined!</u>
Would make:
this is underlined!


To make text in different size headings, type <h#>text</#>, where # is a number 1-7, 1 being the biggest, and 7 being the smallest.
E.g., <h4>welcome</h4>
Would make:



To make text centered, type <center>some text to be centered</center>.
E.g., <center>Hello</center>.
Would make:


Line Break

To create a line break (like hitting the enter key) type <br>. It does not need an end tag, although some people put them in.
E.g., text here<br>more text
Would make:
text here
more text


To make text into paragraphs, type in <p>paragraph goes here</p>.
E.g., <p>My fancy paragraph.</p><p>My second fancy paragraph.</p>.
Would make:

My fancy paragraph.

My second fancy paragraph.